What games do you coach?

My favorite games to coach are No-Limit Hold’em Multi-Table Tournaments, and No-Limit Hold’em Full Ring (9 player) cash games.  But I also coach Short-Handed (6-max), Sit-N-Go tournaments, and Heads-Up. 

What games don’t you coach?

I don’t coach Fixed-Limit Hold’em, Omaha, and anything else not listed above.  I play these games well but I wouldn’t consider myself a true expert, so I would rather refer you to another coach; just contact me for some names. 

What does a typical coaching session consist of?

Generally, we’ll talk via Skype or telephone, although some students prefer using just email, and we can make adjustments for that too (see next question).  A typical Skype or phone session would be:

  • Go over your past week – what worked well, what didn’t.  Look at any trouble hands. 
  • We’ll go over some training material I’ve prepared for that week for you and discuss how to apply it. 
  • Go over some additional hand histories, or we’ll do some workouts on one of my poker training websites. 

This would be a typical session, but we can change any part of that to whatever works best for you.

Do you coach by email?

Some students may prefer to receive their coaching by email:

  • Those for whom English isn't their primary language, and they find it easier to converse by email rather than over the phone.
  • For those who prefer to take more time thinking over my suggestions and trying them out, rather than discussing them with me in "real time".

Coaching by email typically works this way:

  • You send me hand histories of entire sessions or just trouble hands (or, saved hands from my poker training websites). I review these for you and get back with suggestions.
  • We can communicate throughout the week -- I keep track of my time spent to make sure you get at least 1 hour of individual attention.

Do you ever coach in person?

Occasionally -- most often for a day or two in Las Vegas, but sometimes in Florida. Contact me for details.

Is there any special software I’ll need?

There will be some software I’ll highly recommend, and I’ll help you get it set up and show you why it's important.  That being said, it isn’t mandatory.