How Does Your Coach Stack Up?

  • Does your coach actually play poker regularly?  This question may sound like a joke, but some coaches out there have switched to nothing but coaching.  Other coaches might have been winning players years ago, but can they still play with the best?  I still play regularly, at poker rooms in Florida (my home state) and Las Vegas.

  • Does your coach really understand the fundamentals of poker?  Some people excel at poker due to innate talent, but they don’t understand the game well enough to teach it.  I'm a poker math and game theory expert, and the founder and software designer for two successful online poker training sites, Advanced Poker Training and Test Your Poker.

  • Does your coach always give you his undivided attention?  I’ve heard students say their coach was distracted, roommates were yelling in the background; possibly their coach was even playing poker while coaching them!  I will always be on time for your session, and if circumstances beyond my control cause a distraction, we’ll add on additional time.

  • Does your coach hold back their best secrets?  I don’t hold anything back when I coach.  Some coaches are afraid of giving away too much.  My logic has always been that my game should be sharp enough that even if an opponent knew everything about me, they wouldn’t be able to defeat me.  In the online world, this is almost a requirement anyway, since hand history databases are shared constantly. 

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